sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

The Nobel Prize in literature "unreal and abstract" by Patrick Modiano

Compared to a "Marcel Proust" of modern times by the Swedish Academy, the 11th French writer to be honored with a Nobel Prize, reacted like that in Paris:

"We are always prisoners than we write, we can never be our own readers and we always have a vision a bit confused of the books we write. I'm very curious to know the reasons for which I had the honour of being chosen, "said Modiano.

The Swedish Academy has justified the decision with how the writer, "evoked and revealed the daily life under the nazi occupation and the most tragic human destinies".

Modiano, who claims, "have spent my life writing the same book", published recently in France, the novel "so they don't get lost in my neighborhood".

A new work in a career spanning 46 years of writing influenced by World War II and started in 1968 with the work "La Place de l ' Étoile".

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