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Ukraine: East votes at half speed

In the eastern region of Ukraine, the most problematic of the country, the elections won't be held in 9 of 21, constituencies of Donetsk and Lugansk 11 ' 6.

In Mariupol, Azov battalion, which played an important role to regain control of the city, made a point to vote:

"We split the group in two. A part of the Group's us checkpoints, the other came here and voted, then we make the Exchange to come they vote ", explains a volunteer group.

Mariupol is a strategic port city, in the Donetsk region, whose control was recovered by Ukrainian forces. Right now, here, the opinions are divided, some people want to peace and continue to belong to Ukraine:

"I want peace. I want my city in Ukraine. I remember the Transnistria, lived below the poverty line. And what's happening in Donetsk and Luhansk. Are isolated. People have no wages, "says a resident of this city.

In Mariupol, there are also those who no longer believe in anything, especially when, despite the signed cease-fire, the war is not far away:

"I'm not going to vote, I don't believe any politician", said another inhabitant.

And, in the middle of all this, there are still those who are clinging to the recent past:

"I do not support the current authorities. They started this war and say that we need to continue with her. I liked the previous authorities, we had our salaries, we could live. We do not support the war. That is why it is necessary to vote for the party that is against the war, the people who were in power at the time of Yanukovich, "says another resident.

In Mariupol all entrances are protected by the Ukrainian army checkpoints:

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