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USA review response to the Ebola virus after exposure to American nurse

The Obama administration's mismanagement, the response to the Ebola virus, after the first case of infection occurred in the u.s. territory.

Specialised teams were disinfecting the House of Dallas nurse contaminated by Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan.

To the Director of the Center for disease control and prevention, the United States need to "review the way of controlling the infection". Tom Frieden said that "it is necessary to consider the possibility that there will be new cases, especially among health professionals that treated the patient. It was at that moment that this nurse was infected and, unfortunately, it wouldn't be a surprise if there were other cases ".

The nurse, whose identity was not revealed, presents a framework "medically stable". According to the experts, have been a "breach of Protocol" at the source of the contagion, although the health care professional using the proper equipment.

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