sábado, 29 de novembro de 2014

European harmony through art and fashion

"Fashion Art EU" is a project created by "Fashion Art Institut" in Madrid, and was designed by Spanish designer Manuel Fernandez who invited artists from the other 27 Member States of the European Union (EU).

The Portuguese artist is André da Loba which develops work as an Illustrator, animator, graphic designer, sculptor and educator who lives in the United States of America.

Phil Akashi (Belgium), Andree Schwabe (Luxembourg), Marisa Attard (Malta), Charles Villeneuve (France), Giovanni Dalessi (Netherlands), Valentin Kovatchev (Bulgaria), Cecilia Sikström (Sweden), Loreta Isac (Romania) or Agitates Keiri (Latvia) are other artists who participated in the project which aims to illustrate the possibility of creating in the EU "a pictorial language which brings together artistic movements in harmonious coexistence".

The Parlamentarium is an interactive multimedia space that shows the history of European integration and the impact it has on daily life. Admission is free and the information is made available in 24 official languages of the EU.

(The author of the second photo is Eugenio Recuenco. The rest of the images were provided by the Fashion Art Institute)

Isabel Marques da Silva

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