sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2014

Facebook event: Funeral

Unable to locate family or friends, then the Priestess, Rachel Simpson, worried that no one was present at the funeral, put an appeal in this social network.

"We learnt through social networks. Obviously, it's difficult to maintain contact with all our former soldiers over the years. The Association of Welsh Soldiers does a good job, come here today, to honor one of our former soldiers is reason of great pride, "says Sergeant David Scarf, of the Association.

Launched first on Facebook, after the campaign had great impact on other social networks. The Church of St Athan was small to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend the ceremony, many have had to stay in the rain.

Despite the rain people are standing outside to listen to the service

More than 100 people are here to pay tribute. The procession is led by a piper

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