sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2014

Iranian nuclear agreement may be postponed until March

Some sources speak of the possibility of prolonging the discussions until March, a possibility rejected by Russia.

Among the outstanding issues is the absence of clarification from Tehran about an alleged program to develop a nuclear bomb, as remembered today in charge of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yuki A Mano.

Western leaders are ready to gradually lift sanctions against Tehran, but only with assurances that the country would suspend uranium enrichment activities, as John Kerry in Paris:

"We want an agreement but not just any agreement, it has to be an agreement that works and that meets the objective of guaranteeing that Iran won't build a nuclear bomb."

The debate seems to find itself in the same standoff that in the last 12 years with Iran not wanting to give up the enrichment of uranium indefinitely, as the country continues to claim the right to nuclear energy for civilian purposes.

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