domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

Kurdish forces ask for more international help

It is more than 100 kilometres from Mosul and Arbil and is located 50 kilometres north of Kirkuk. Became the front line of the battle of Kurdish fighters against the enemy.

Albeit with less sophisticated weaponry, the peshmerga continue to struggle, but with calls for more international aid.

"We need anti-tank weapons. We call on the help of the international community, because while Kurds and peshmerga are to sacrifice us for other countries in the fight against terrorism, "explains Maj. Gen. Raeed Thaer.

Kurdish fighters told Euronews correspondent on the ground that continue to be attacked by snipers and mortars.

The forces of the self-proclaimed Islamic State group are getting bigger. A United Nations report warns that now the Jihadist movement attracted many followers from many countries.

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