segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2014

Pró-russos separatists of Donetsk and Lugansk prepare to vote increased spacing in the face of Kiev

According to the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Donetsk, more than 3 million voters are called to determine the future of the region. Some can vote over the Internet.

"Our voters living in the territory of the ' Russian ' World, where we met. But are also spread throughout the world. We want to give the opportunity to vote so we allow also is made via the internet, "explains Roman Lyagin, the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Donetsk.

In Lugansk, printed-if more than one million ballot papers. Here and in Donetsk pró-russos separatists prepare to elect deputies and Presidents, a week after legislative elections in Ukraine.

Don't expect surprises of the ballot to be held on the basis of the absence of a real election campaign.

All candidates are aligned on a common goal: independence from Kiev and Moscow's approach. The Russia has said it will recognise the results of the ballot, which international observers will not officers.

Kiev and Western Governments, on the other hand, condemn these elections.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: "the electoral process is taking place under the emotional pressure of war, despite the people wanting to vote in the hope of a consolidated power to help local reconstruction."

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