segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2014

Romania: Tip and Iohannis prepare to duel for the Presidency

Victor Ponta has won but will not prevent a second round in the Romanian presidential election. According to polls at the mouth of the polls, the Prime Minister has triumphed with an advantage of 6 to 10% of the votes on the most direct rival.

Partial results from nearly a fifth of the ballots gave the lead to former Prosecutor with 37%.

"As President of the Romanians, I think we can start moving forward, from the second round, on this road of unity and live together with the millions of Romanians who voted for me, with those who voted for other candidates and also with who didn't vote," said Tip.

The Prime Minister is expected to have a duel with Klaus Iohannis, the Mayor of the city of Sibiu, of German origin. Partial results give you a handicap of 7%.

"I'm the only candidate still in competition that's prepared to ensure justice, independence and the rule of law," he said.

With the second round scheduled for the day 16, Iohannis has to at least meet opponents of Tip If you want to conquer the Presidency from that which is considered the second poorest country in the European Union and also one of the most corrupt.

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