domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk holds Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, will be kept in the functions, but the Government will undergo a major refurbishment.

The Chairman Petro Poroshenko outlined the main points of the new legislature. The five pro-European parties that form the new majority have already made a coalition agreement.

The Ukraine counts on the United States in this new phase. The u.s. Vice President Joe Biden was in Kiev, where he condemned Russia's actions and promised to continue economic aid, but didn't say anything about the military assistance to Ukraine asked.

Biden's visit happens when it celebrates the first anniversary of the popular movement that became known as Maidan movement, centered in Independence Square in Kiev. It was the series of events that would eventually bring down the Government of pro-Russian Yanukovych.

"No regrets that the revolution has happened, but we want to remind the authorities that people were killed here. We're the ones who put them in power, but they do nothing for us or for the families of these people, "says a woman lights a candle next to the portrait of a loved one killed during the demonstrations.

To Poroshenko, the priority of the new Government should be the accession to NATO, a measure which must leave the Russian neighbours particularly angry. Another goal is to create the conditions for an application for accession to the European Union in 2020.

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