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Afghanistan: Ghani points while NATO Taliban batteries Pack

Were violent, the words of the President of Afghanistan in a speech in which Ashraf Ghani attacked the Taliban and asked all Afghans, including religious leaders, to help halt the violence at a time when NATO makes the bags to leave the country at the end of the month.

"Enough. This is unacceptable. Is against Islam. It's inhuman, "he raged Ghani before sending a message to the Taliban:" If they think they're going to break our will through terrorist actions, must know that Afghans have a common goal. We will never surrender to terrorism (...) The Afghanistan existed for 5,000 years and will continue to exist within other 5,000. Nobody will divide us, "said the head of State who, after two months in Office, has yet to present a Government.

Ghani wants religious and tribal leaders "say it loud" that violence is not acceptable, a tough speech at a time when Afghanistan lives a new wave of bloody attacks. The Afghan President also has plans for reviving a security force that existed in times of Government-backed by the Soviet Union in the years 80.

The NATO task force is already packing. Of the 130,000 soldiers who came to be in the country, from January, will be only 12,500, which will have the mission to train Afghan security forces.

Marco Lemos | With REUTERS, REUTERS, AFP.

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