quinta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2014

Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas

About 80 families of displaced Christians from Mosul gathered at a school in central Baghdad in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus was present and handed out gifts to children.

Outside the capital other Christians do not see reasons to celebrate. In Dohuk, IDP families from Mosul have asserted that this year there is no reason to celebrate.

The only Yuletide preparations were just made to please the children.

"It's Christmas and we're not celebrating. What harm is that children do? It's not their fault. All Western countries celebrate Christmas and we are Christians. However, we live in humiliation. I hope to return home and to our churches in the new year, "says Youssif, an Iraqi Christian Jawhara originally from Mosul.

This Tuesday the Vatican published a letter from Pope Francisco addressed to Christians in the Middle East. The missive focuses in particular on communities affected by the advancement of the extremist group Islamic State.

Pope ends stating expect conduct a visit to the region soon.

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