domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2014

New military doctrine of Russia says NATO and USA as main threats

The text replaces what was in force since 2010 and externally geopolitical and security changes generated with the tension with neighboring Ukraine are invoked as one of the justifications for the change.

The document became known after leaving Ukraine on Wednesday, the non-aligned country status, a step which represents a step forward towards a potential entry into the Atlantic Alliance.

"They came to Ukraine of the strategic partner strategic enemy. Forgive them for that, by the annexation of Crimea, for our victims in Eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine is ready for such challenges. The Ukraine is developing military doctrine and will confront all threats of the Russian Federation ", says Sergey Pashinsky, responsible for the Security and Defence Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Through the text, posted on the Kremlin's website, it is also revealed that Moscow will multiply strategic elements of missile defense to contain the ambitions of certain powers that lead, considers the Russia, the "military superiority."

The prevention of nuclear war or any other type of conflict is central in Russian defense policy, according to the doctrine.

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