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Pakistan: "what have we done? We are not the army or the Taliban "

"My family and I are devastated at the news of the death of more than 100 innocent children and teachers, who have lost their lives in the attack on a school in Peshawar. We're next to all families and of all the children who were injured and who are suffering this huge trauma.

… Now, it is time to unite. Appeal to the international community, Pakistan's leaders, political parties and all others: we must be United and fight against terrorism and we must ensure that all children have safety and a quality education, "said Yousafsai Malala.

Two years ago, was the Nobel Peace Prize now under attack by this group Taliban (TTP, the Taliban Movement of Pakistan or Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan), after defending the right of women to education.

Peshawar continues in a State of shock:

"Parents are too afraid to send their children to school, whether in Karachi, Lahore or elsewhere. The fear that something might happen took care of their hearts, "said one parent.

Many schools and shops are closed during the three days of national mourning. The popular, in particular students, cannot find justification for the attack on the Taliban:

"What have we done? We are not the army or the Taliban, but they killed children. Why these terrorists attacked us? I still tried to go to school, but is closed, "said a student from Peshawar.

"It's a very sad thing. Muslims or non-Muslims would never do something like this. These guys have no religion ", completed by a resident in the city

Throughout Pakistan, and not only, multiply the expressions of solidarity with the victims of yet another barbarity. In Karachi, students and lawyers demanded tougher laws, including the death penalty to punish terrorism.

In India, you forgot the historical rivalry with Pakistan. Students and teachers ran out of words to describe the heinous crime. Appeared in who wanted to do homage muzzled:

"We are alongside the families of the victims of the bloodbath. I have no words to describe how I feel your pain, "said a student.

The hope is that the grief that covered the region, after another bloody attack, serve as a turning point. Maybe Pakistan join, once and for all, on renunciation of barbarism of the Taliban and other radical Islamic groups.

Marco Lemos | With RTV, AFP, REUTERS, APTN, LUSA

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