domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2014

Relatives of the missing students protested in Mexico City

"At our table of Christmas lack the 43 students. The people of Mexico continues screaming their indignation and recall the Peña Nieto received the warning: If there is no Christmas for us, too, there can be no Christmas for him... "

Omar Garcia, a student leader, stressed that the crime will not be forgotten: "for us the night of 26 September hasn't been forgotten. Time stood still for us that night, because as that night, everything remains unanswered to this day. "

However in Iguala, in Guerrero State, students protested and demanded Justice on the military base, attacking the gates and painting the walls with graffiti.

Students missing will have been delivered by municipal police officers of equal members of a drug trafficking cartel, which would have killed and then incinerated the bodies.

The remains of one of 43 young people were identified by DNA testing in an Austrian lab.

The tragedy of Iguala and the apparent impunity of those responsible severely rocked the popular support to the head of the Mexican State.

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