sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2015

Belgian Government strengthens anti-terrorist measures

However, other 15 suspects were arrested in various Belgian cities, including two people in France. The authorities revealed that all detainees had Belgian citizenship.

This Thursday night, the alert level had been raised to level 3, on a scale of four. During the night, most of the police stations in the Belgian capital were closed doors. Several Belgian Jewish schools were closed Friday as a precaution. It is feared to be a target of attacks from Islamic extremists.

Twelve measures against terrorism in Belgium

During a press conference held this morning in Brussels, the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, said that the Government will move forward with twelve anti-terrorism measures in the country. This list is for example, adaptation of legislation with more effective penalties. Creation of a new offence in the criminal code on movements to foreigners with terrorist goals. The Government also wants to remove identity cards or passports to individuals who may pose a danger to society and who wants to travel from Belgium. The Executive also wants to freeze the assets of suspicious people who may be funding terrorism. All these measures should enter into force within a month. In addition, the Prime Minister assured the army are available to help in this fight.

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