sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

French anti-terrorism forces continue search in Picardy

The search is focused in about 20 square kilometers, the corresponding to four villages of Picardie region North of Paris, where he is believed to be hiding the two brothers. A region of forest and caves, which complicates the job of combating terrorism since multiplies the number of possible hiding places.

New elements of the teams came from the render which passed here in the last few hours, there are also new equipment, prepared for nighttime searches, and five helicopters equipped with thermal cameras.

It was the testimony of the Manager of a gas station that led anti-terrorism commandos, French security forces in this region. The man robbed of these guarantees, face uncovered, last Wednesday, this gas station. The suspects, who were armed, according to the same witness, have taken money, food, water and have attested to the deposit of an automobile in which will have run away.

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