terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2015

Greece: "we were expecting the victory of Tsipras to regain employment"

On Syntagma Square near the campaign Office of the conservative new democracy, a resident says:

"I don't believe that things are going to change, for example, regarding our reforms. It is important not to lose your head and remember that we have a debt. I hope things can improve for the younger ".

"We need to keep the hope that things will change, the election of Tsipras is the result of this desire to change. Some people have a smile, others do not, and express any fear, "said another resident.

Front of the Finance Ministry in Athens, Syriza's victory was celebrated, without any fear, by dozens of the cleaners camping outside the building for more than a year after being fired en masse.

"We are very happy, we were waiting for this result, it was our only hope. We were waiting for the victory of Tsipras because we are sure that we will get our jobs ".

Cleaning women had become one of the main symbols of the fight against austerity after being dismissed following the wave of cuts in the public sector required by the Troika.

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