sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Hezbollah attack: Israeli PM accuses Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, accused Iran of being behind the Hezbollah attack that killed two soldiers near the country's northern border with Lebanon.

After military tension on Wednesday, which caused the death of a Spanish blue helmet, the frontier zone dawned calmer.

The Israeli Defense Minister claimed to have received a message from Hezbollah, via UN peacekeeping forces, in which the group claims not to want to start a new military conflict in 2006. Information that has not been confirmed by the armed group.

In New York, the Spanish Ambassador to the UN, Roman Oyarzun, answered to journalists about the authorship of the shots that have the Spanish military.

"I think I made myself clear, it was because of the escalation of tension, and the shots came from the Israeli side."

The head of Israeli diplomacy had yesterday accused Hezbollah of being responsible for the death of the blue helmet of 36 years.

The armed group claimed the attack against Israel as an act of revenge after the deaths of several leaders of the movement, on January 18, during an Israeli bombing raid in Syrian territory.

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