domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2015

"The identification of the brothers Kouachi just hoping to catch them by surprise" – Paris Attorney

A first swing to the terrorist attacks that have shaken France and shocked the world, the Paris Prosecutor, responsible for the ongoing investigation, lamented that the brothers Kouachi have been identified by the press and assured that, by all indications, no hostage was killed, in Paris, during the police assault.

François Molins, Prosecutor of Paris:

"Taking into account, on the one hand, the State of the bodies and, on the other hand, the statements of Coulibaly at a TV station, stating and I quote: Killed four people â€" and subject to the findings of the autopsies to be carried out, everything leads us to conclude that no hostage was killed during the assault carried out by the forces of order and that the deaths occurred as a result of the shots fired by a terrorist when he entered the supermarket.

The identification of the brothers media Kouachi had the effect of the collapse of all hope and expectation to catch by surprise the wanted individuals. That's why we decided to launch an appeal to witnesses around 3 a.m. (2 a.m. in Lisbon). "

Marco Lemos | With AFP, REUTERS

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