quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

When a President govern France muçulmamo

The book is launched today, it's called "Submission" and the narrative takes place in France whose political future is, in the novel, polarised between the extreme right and a Muslim party.

The controversy apparently installed in the country in which the nationalists gain ground denouncing, among others, the problem of the islamisation of France.

A Christmas present to Marine Le Pen? Michel Houellebecq: she doesn't need it. Things are going very well. I don't think this will change anything to your destination. I don't know a single example of a romance that has changed the course of history ... that's something else, are rehearsals, the Communist Manifesto, things like that change the course of history. The novels do not. "

The author has been accused of being xenophobic, racist and provocative-in 2001 said in an interview that "Islam is the stupidest of religions", being prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred, but eventually acquitted.

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