segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

Bombing in Eastern Ukraine cause civilian deaths

The area that lies under the control of pro-Russian forces is to be the scene of violent clashes. Kiev who announced, meanwhile, having killed 70 rebels and destroyed tanks and weapons used by the separatists did not hide the difficulties

Volodymyr Polyovy, spokesman for the Ukrainian army explains that there are an increasing number of tanks, weapons and ammunition into Ukraine through the border with Russia. Areas that are beyond the control of the army and which are being used to supply the rebels. "

Diplomatic efforts to avoid a war with Russia continues, but not all look with kindly for the franco-German initiative.

A pro-Russian separatist talks about a peace plan "pointless and unnecessary" since only benefits Kiev. Denies that there are Russian soldiers fighting in the East of Ukraine and justifies the use of a Russian uniform with the fact of not having another.

Analysts believe that the talks scheduled for tomorrow between Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, in Washington, may be decisive for the success of the peace proposal.

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