segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

Israel: Government offers refuge to European Jews

"We're preparing to absorb a mass immigration from Europe"

The Israeli Prime Minister called on the Jews of Europe to seek refuge in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu reacted this way to the murder of a Jew in Denmark's capital:

"-Once again, murdered Jews in European soil just because they are Jews, and it is likely that this wave of attacks, anti-Semitic, homicide will continue. The Jews must be protected in any country but we say to the Jews, our brothers and our sisters, Israel is your home. We're preparing to absorb a mass immigration from Europe. "

The Council of Ministers presented this Sunday a plan to encourage immigration and the integration of Jews from France, Belgium and Ukraine. The debate on immigration from other countries will be scheduled soon.

The Chief Rabbi of Denmark, Jair Melchior, however Netanyahu replied: "terror is not a reason to emigrate to Israel".

John Peseiro Monteiro | With REUTERS, AFP, HAARETZ

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