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Sports United: records and historical achievements in the world of sport

The Australia and New Zealand will jointly receive the 11th IAAF World Cup of Cricket. On Matchday, the Australia crushed England; the New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by six points while Ireland defeated the West Indies. But all records of hearings were beaten in Adelaide in the duel, classic, between India and Pakistan: a billion people watched the opening match of Group b.

The India team, defender of the title of the Cricket World Cup, won by neighbor Pakistan, after two months of preparation with many predicament. During this period I couldn't win a match official.

The blue team, led by Virat Kohli, this time proved to be more prepared and was the strongest in what is considered one of the greatest duels of the modality.

Kohli managed to even beat the mythical barrier of 100 points and, in Cricket, this feat is cause for a huge ovation.

The star of New Delhi was the protagonist of some of the great moments of the match. The Scouts of Pakistan were eliminated from the tournament and ended the match with 224 laps while India made 300.

The World Rally Championship

Sebastien Ogier began the defense of the World Championship title with a victory at Rally Monte Carlo. Last weekend, in the difficult step of Sweden came in a race full of emotions.

Sébastien Ogier made a historic achievement to win the Swedish rally. The French driver of the Volkswagen is the only non-Scandinavian to win the race twice.

Ogier has benefited from a mistake by Norwegian Mikkelsen in the last stretch of the race. And with a lot of expertise in snow and ice, the reigning world champion managed to stay on the path of revalidation of the title.

Rugby Sevens World Series

With the rugby to return to Rio 2016 Olympic program, the Rugby World Sevens tournament won another importance this year since it ensures qualification for the Olympic Games. After Australia, Dubai, South Africa and New Zealand, the 16th edition of the race was held in Las Vegas.

Led by Semi Kunatani and Jerry Tuwai, authors of two tests each one Figi Islands team earned the second win of the season. This time against New Zealand by 35-19, in a game that took place in the United States.

After having won the first tournament of the year in Australia, Figi Islands occupy the third position in the overall standings, led by South Africa.

The first four graded guarantee a place at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Ski jumping

It was a weekend of fall of records in the world of ski jumping. The Slovenian Peter Prevc has set the world mark at 250 meters in Vikersund in Norway but the record only lasted 12:0 am for joy of fans in the House.

A flight of another world. The Norwegian Anders Fannemel, before your audience clinched the title of "Birdman": the 24-year-old did a jump of 251 feet, the new world record.

The Norwegian finished in second at the end of the event, but this is a result that little or nothing should be of interest to you. In memory of all fans of the sport will be the flight Fannemel held.

The table tennis is almost a religion in China, the country that dominated the sport for decades. This week we give you the best athlete of China and the world.

Ding Ning is already considered a star of the sport in China. The best player of table tennis from 2014, began practicing the sport with only six years.

Endowed with huge qualities, soon began to conquer the first success both individually and internationally. Is the big star of the Chinese national team.

Known for being too perfectionist, has already reached five titles between the World Championships and World Cups and an Olympic medal for teams in the London Games.

Now, Ding Ning, number one in the world already thinks only of clinching the Olympic gold medal at the individual level in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Inside Sport

Be alone on top of the world is something that's very accustomed. Kilian Jornet In addition to being the best runner of the planet trail, leads a new discipline that is emerging, ski mountaineering.

Kilian Jornet: "this sport combines the ascent to the Summit of the mountain and the off-piste descent. The evidence for teams, groups formed by two or three athletes meet routes with gaps between the 3,000 and 4,000 meters with very technical climbs and descents in rugged mountains.

The individual competition is similar but alone I have to complete three or four ascents to different heights. There is also a vertical tasting in which only rises and has between 600 and 1,000 metres of slope.

We use the same material of Alpine skiing but much lighter. The anchorages skis allow us to face up to the mountain with movements of cross-country skiing and when you block fixations can descend as in alpine skiing.

To climb we use the so-called "fur seal" on skis to win more grip and prevent from slipping. And are taken down. "

Agenda: 1. on the agenda of the next few days the Judo World Cup 2015 and its stars.

2. ' Motul Ice Speedway Gladiators ' â€" a kind of motogp in the ice.


We show you the exciting moment of the week: the grand final of the Polo World Cup on snow, in China.

The 17 thousand kilometres of the Sun, the Brazilian team homemade defeated the United States in Tianjun and won the title.

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