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Ukraine: no ceasefire in Debaltseve

In Ukraine, the ceasefire agreed in Minsk is still not respected, especially in the area around the strategic town of Debaltseve, near Donetsk. The rebels now control four-fifths of guarantee city.

In the city, both the rebels and the regular army of Ukraine maintain the heavy artillery, ransacking hopes for peace in Eastern Ukraine, after the agreement promoted by France and Germany.

In a statement, the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said to have been in contact with all parties and welcomes the efforts of dialogue, but regrets that the fighting around Dabaltseve have no end in sight. Access to the town is forbidden to OSCE officials.

. @OSCE_SMM observed ceasefire largely held in most areas with exception of Debaltseve & Horlivka. Latest report at http://t.co/7bMiTsawzO

Mironivsky village, near Debaltseve, continues to be bombarded. Several Ukrainian army positions are being attacked. The regular troops, stationed in the village, are also firing heavy artillery against rebel positions in the area.

#Ukraine: Debaltseve under fire. http://t.co/30LRvoMdIJ

VP Biden spoke with President Poroshenko today about the violation of the ceasefire in eastern #Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/d8t5dba5bl

By Ricardo Figueira | With REUTERS, APTN

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