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Clash of the Titans in Ukraine

President signed Decree on dismissal of I.Kolomoyskyi from the post of Dnipropetrovsk RSA Head http://t.co/jWySRh5DZA pic.twitter.com/ODpbD0XemU

The action was triggered by a parliamentary amendment to the legislation that regulates the private participation in projects of State-owned enterprises, which will reduce the power of the Ukrainian oligarch.

The State holds 50% plus one share of Ukrnafta and, from now on you can take advantage of dividends, so far blocked by another shareholder, Ihor Kolomoiskiy who holds 42 percent before the legislative amendment was required a 60 percent quorum to convene the general meeting of shareholders, but went on to be 50%.

The Minister of energy and the coal industry, Volodymyr Demchyshyn, States that the "fortification of thirst of Ukrnafta and the modification of the law are linked:

Volodymyr Demchyshyn, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine-any change in the management of an undertaking of this kind means that someone loses their control. And if someone loses control, got profits and administered huge resources, is suppose to fight anyone snatch control of that company.

Oligarch army occupying #Kiev oil trader given 24hrs to disarm by govt http://t.co/jKPmvLYUI7 pic.twitter.com/a14BdNNMd2

Ihor Kolomoiskiy is one of the oligarchs who control some sectors of economy, including energy, banking, Media, aviation and steel. To change the law, were people of their confidence that administered the Ukrnafta. Denies the role assigned.

Ihor Kolomoiski have been a valuable ally of Kiev: financed the battalions of volunteers who fight the advance of the pró-russos separatists in Eastern Ukraine and a sworn enemy of Putin, who has referred to him (as a target to be slaughtered) in several speeches.

Hilarious #Russia issuing an Interpol international arrest warrant for Arsen Avakov & Ihor Kolomoiskiy. via RFERL <a href="http://t.co/6JuOiy0SOe">pic.twitter.com/6JuOiy0SOe</a><p>â€" espressino (ulvdis) June 21, 2014

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