sábado, 14 de março de 2015

Expedition discovers wreckage of Japanese warship

The Musashi lost half of its 2,400-man crew. One of the survivors, Shigeru Nakajima has today 94 years and remember:

"It seems that found the bottom of the ship. I am sure this is the Musashi just look at the pictures, such as the anchor, the imperial seal of the chrysanthemum and the Catapult features of these vessels. "

"The captain and those who here gave their lives must be very pleased to hear in heaven this news of the discovery. I'm going to tell them all what happened ".

The ship was detected on March 2 by a robot aboard the "Octopus", Allen's yacht devoted to exploration and scientific research.

The fragment of the ship rests at a depth of one kilometre in the Sibuyan sea, in the center of the Philippine archipelago, site of one of the largest naval battles of the Pacific war in 1944.

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