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Nemtsov, key dates and quotes

The first steps are given shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union. After an unsuccessful attempt in 1989, is finally elected in 1990 to the Congress of people's Deputies.

A year later, with just 32 years, is appointed by the newly elected Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, as Governor of the region of Nizhni Novgorod. An ambitious programme of reform and a growing popularity gave him quickly Benjamin status of the first democratically elected head of State of Russia.

It was not, therefore, surprising, when Yeltsin called him, in 1997, to fill the position of Deputy Prime Minister, handing him Power paste also.

Nemtsov with Yeltsin in 1997 at the time, the New York Times quotes him in a televised interview, in which he admits: "it is obvious that do a large number of enemies among the industrial and financial oligarchy that, in many aspects, currently controls the situation in Russia."

And he adds: "what I have to do now in Moscow, is the function of a ' kamikaze '."

It's touted as the likely successor to Yeltsin but a year later, in 1998, the Russian financial crisis strikes a blow in its popularity and Nemtsov resigns office, beginning a long "crossing the desert", in the ranks of the liberal opposition.

In 2000 comes to support the candidacy of Vladimir Putin-appointed personally by Yeltsin â€" but quickly changes of opinion and start there the progressive vision critique of new "number one" from the Kremlin.

The definitive break with the Russian power came in 2004, when openly supported the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, taking part in several rallies in Kiev and became Economic Adviser of the new Ukrainian President, Viktor Yushchenko.

In 2005, declares in an interview with the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda: "I can safely say that in five years the Ukrainian people will live better than in Russia [...] and that no gas or oil. Within seven years [in 2012], the Ukraine will enter the European Union and all the Ukrainians will have a Schengen passport. And we, the Russians, we envy them. "

In the years that follow, participates actively in the Organization of anti-Kremlin protests, being held on more than one occasion.

Nemtsov is detained in November 2007, during a demonstration in St. Petersburg

Ardent opponent of Putin during more than a decade, is sentenced in early 2011 to 15 days in prison, after attending a new year protest. A few days after serving the sentence, is interviewed by journalist Anna Nemtsova, for "Newsweek" and says, without fears: "Putin is the architect of a mafia State."

In March the same year, publishes a report entitled "Putin. Corruption ", drawn up in conjunction with other opposition leaders, where describes the alleged illicit enrichment in the circle next to the head of the Kremlin.

In December 2013, it said to the Interfax Agency, speaking on behalf of its formation, the Republican Party of Russia: "we support Ukraine's course towards European integration. To support the Ukraine, also we ourselves. "

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, Nemtsov criticized the support of Moscow pró-russos separatists in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk.

Two weeks before he was murdered, in the Centre of the Russian capital, confessed to fear for his own life to the Sobessednik weekly.

Critical until the end, declares a radio from Moscow, just three hours before his death, according to Agence France Press:

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