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Netanyahu faces fight in elections in Israel

"The Prime Minister has come to an end very campaign off of themes that interest to Israelis, such as food, education and health."

Benjamin Netanyahu is a veteran but also election campaigns since he was elected three times Prime Minister of Israel.

But this time try to re-election in the middle of the mandate â€" started in 2013 â€" after an internal political struggle that culminated in the end of the coalition Government last December.

Concerned was attempting to pass a law that designated the country as a "Jewish State".

Two Ministers considered it undemocratic and alienadora of 20% of the citizens of Israel who are Arabs.

Netanyahu, who leads the Likud Party (centre-right), hopes that the early elections scheduled for March 17, you strengthen the authority, but the race is close.

Polls projected a draw with the Zionist Union: a center-left coalition between the Labour Party of Isaac Herzog and the centrist Tzipi Livni.

The Zionist Union focuses on electoral promises on the economy, marked by the currently high cost of living and a housing bubble.

The Coalition also promises to resume the Middle East peace process, while Netanyahu has staked a position of strength in terms of Homeland Security.

This mandate was marked by another devastating war on the Palestinian territory of Gaza, in the summer of 2014.

This position of Falcon is also visible in the way the Prime Minister the u.s. Government, which antagonized strives to obtain an agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

Netanyahu spoke recently at the Congress of the United States of America, controlled by Republicans, to criticize the policy of Democratic President, Barack Obama, on this matter.

"Netanyahu casts an image of distant person"

About Schneider/journalist in Israel (TS/journalist in Israel): "In Israel we are accustomed to call early elections is nothing new. But a Government of only 24 months is not good, there should be more stability. The Israeli public is bothered by the fact that Governments are so unstable and there were new elections after such a short time ".

TS/journalist in Israel: "there has been an increase in prices linked to housing and essential goods during the past five or six years and that people talk about it a lot. Don't talk about terrorism, about the threat of Iran â€" which is something curious. Sometimes argue a bit about terrorism, not least because only eight months have passed since the last devastating war. Talk about security, but they rarely mention the issue of Iran, which is a theme highlighted by the Prime Minister. He did not give much attention to the themes that concern people ".

TS/journalist in Israel: "Netanyahu has designed, in the last two years, a certain image of people distant from the public. It's as if to say: "I don't care about the economic problems, I just want to know of Iran". Iran is obviously a big threat, but is not a concern of the day. the Prime Minister came to an end in the very campaign off of topics that interest the Israelis such as food, education, health; as in any Western country. "

TS/journalist in Israel: "Netanyahu is coming to an end six years of mandate that has not taken initiatives in this direction. Even after the war in Gaza â€" when experts said that there was an opportunity to do some kind of regional agreement for peace-Netanyahu has done nothing in this regard. Isaac Herzog has no executive experience at the level of State security â€" worked as Minister of Social Affairs â€" but we know that for the last two years had meetings with Abu Mazen and visited Ramallah several times. Herzog's Party maintains contacts with the Palestinian party Fatah and prepares economic plans. That's because it's a subject that is high on the agenda of the party and its supporters. One of the things that Herzog would have to resolve in the first place is to improve the relationship with the Government of the United States of America. Perhaps one of the first phone calls to do next week, in order to fix the mistakes made in recent months and that were devastating, from our point of view ".

Isabel Marques da Silva

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