quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

The "best apprentice of France" is an illegal immigrant

This is the unusual story of Armando Curri, a young Albanian for 19 years, undocumented, who was facing an order to leave the French territory. But, however, won the "best apprentice of France" and things started to change.

Young says that, "if we have the will and courage, it can achieve". Says the boss saw that courage in him and gave him a job, even not speaking French well.

After the President of the Senate have, at first, refused to give the medal to the Carpenter, Socialist Senators of the Loire region got Curri received provisional authorisation of residence and now, the conservative Gérard Larcher (UMP), President of the Senate, does not hesitate to assert that examined the dossier and which took the decision "to host the young, because he is the symbol of success and because it also relies on the support of the trainers and because the best worker of France represents a certain number of values. "

Petty politics aside, Curri, that's taking a vocational training, has now 3 more months to try to regularize their situation.

However, dreams of carving wood as you saw this Wednesday in the Senate, "covering of gold everywhere and extremely beautiful. Maybe one day ... "

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