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What is there in common between curling, Powerboating and squash? Sports United ...

In Sports United we give you the meet the new champions of the world curling Championships, going to Budapest to know who's dealing in fencing and we explain everything you need to know about squash.

The 37th Edition of the world women's Curling Championship was held in the Japanese city of Sapporo. The final put face to face the holders, Switzerland and Canada, great power of the mode, a reprint of the end of last year.

The Swiss were looking for their third title in four years while pursuing the 16th Canadian gold medal.

The two had already faced twice in the tournament and on both occasions, the triumph smiled at whiskers. The final was not exception.

The European team dominated the final from the beginning and at the end of the sixth end, led quietly by 4-0. The crutches still reacted and the entry of the last end the result was 4-3.

However the turnaround was nothing more than a mirage, because the advantage was still on the side of Switzerland. Was in front of the marker and had the last stone in the last end.

Captain Alina Pätz not trembled and established the final result, 5-3 to Switzerland. The Swiss now have five world titles on your awards, Canada already don't get in the highest place of the podium since 2008.

Congratulations Switzerland!Gold Medal winners at the ZEN-NOH World Womens Curling Championship 2015 in Sapporo, Japan.#wwcc2015 #curling

After Qatar, the second Grand Prix of the season led the elite of the sword II until Budapest. The tournament brought together the 500 best fencers of discipline and Nikolai Novosjolov showed that it was not by chance that won by two-time world of sword.

Winner of Budapest Grand Prix 2015, happy place for Nikolai!!!

The Estonian fencer confirmed the favoritism in the Budapest Grand Prix and ascended the highest place of the podium for the second time this season. Novosjolov didn't feel very difficult to stand up on end to French Cuban Iván Trevejo by 15-6.

Among the participants were also two Portuguese, Pedro Arede finished in 63rd position, Max Röd was day 267.

In the ladies, the final between Shin A-lam and Ana Maria Branza was far more balanced, with both fencers to arrive at the end of regular time tied to four.

In extra time, South Korea was faultless and led Romanian won by 9-5.

The next Grand Prix of Sword starts scheduled for May 22 in Rio de Janeiro.

The attention in the world of fencing were now remaining until the Grand Prix of Seoul, next weekend, reserved for specialists in the sabre.

Electrifying racing in the XCAT Powerboat World Series as T-Boone Station, XDubai and Abu Dhabi Team fight it out for the...

The world series of XCAT has been growing in popularity since its inception in 2008. Equipped with V6 engines, these boats can easily reach 190 kilometres per hour. Are the formula 1 on water.

The second stage of the waters stirred the 2015 Dubai last weekend. Contrary to the inaugural, marked by strong wind and sea in Fujairah, the race to Dubai with excellent conditions for Powerboating.

The triumph was discussed toe-to-toe between the XDubai and the t-bone. The home side took the lead on the penultimate lap, leading to red the spectators.

As a misfortune never comes alone, after leading much of the race, the t-bone was still a problem in the fuel system and was not beyond the ninth position.

Seized the Abu Dhabi, who finished in second position and kept the lead of the overall standings.

Squash was created on the English School of Harrow in the 1830. Students discovered a ball stuck, not highlighted when reached the wall and demanded a greater variety of strokes to dominate.

Today, the sport is practiced by more than 20 million people worldwide. If you want to join the group, here are some basic rules you should follow.

Squash begins with warm-up exercises for you and the ball. Otherwise this will not emphasize appropriately.

During the game, the ball can reach anywhere between the top line, or line out, and the bottom line, also called the Tin.

During the service, one foot must be on the inside of the service box, the ball must hit the front wall between the top line and service line and land on the opposite side.

After each blow, try putting yourself in the t. is the ideal location to prepare for the next hit.

An important rule is to get out of the way of your opponent. If you try and don't succeed, the point is replayed. If not try it, the point is awarded to his opponent.

The first to reach 11 points wins a game, and you need to win by at least two points. The Meeting decides the best of five games.

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