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Casa da Musica Porto makes 10 years and are in party until Sunday

The program is the result of the work of the educational service and residents groupings â€" the port Symphony Orchestra, Remix Ensemble, Baroque Orchestra and chorus â€" and opened at 10:30, with the performance of the students of the Conservatório de Música do Porto, followed by throughout the day, among other roles, the open rehearsals of the Symphony Orchestra, Baroque Orchestra and the choir House music.

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Musicians from groups linked to the institution, contacted by the Lusa, stated that the action of the House of music changed "radically" the port, turning it into a "cultural centre in Europe", the musical level.

Philip Lent, with 35 years and natural da Covilhã, recognizes already have felt tempted to return abroad, where she graduated and where there are more concerts and ' caches ' superiors, in particular vis-à-vis the obstacles posed by the financial crisis.

"If they used to be a musician was already seen as a ' hobby ', now it's much worse," said Philip Lent, a cellist with the Orquestra Barroca and Remix Ensemble guest who collaborates with international groups, but notes: "obviously I'm very fond of Portugal, I live here".

Aldo Salvetti, born in Venice, he moved to the port for almost 20 years, where he is currently principal oboe in the Symphonic Orchestra. For the Italian, who easily can be seen on the streets of the city on his bike, "the spirit of the House [of music] is not an elitist spirit, the spirit of the House is to make an elitist music accessible to all".

This is because the existing nas conservadorismos recalls traditional orchestras, which are part of "a tradition that was not questioned," but that, at Casa da Música, came to be "updated".

"The Symphony Orchestra is the mirror of society and she must change with society," reflected Aldo Salvetti.

The Casa da Música "educated the public," said Salvetti, who believes that "the public is already a public port connoisseur of contemporary repertoire", as far as the musicians themselves feel its opening.

"I think the politics of the House is very interesting and courageous and contributed to make the port a city with public," added the artist.

10 Musical Postcards | Magnus Lindberg # 10anoscasadamusica # 10postaismusicaisPara celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Casa da Música asked 10 world-renowned composers with whom has a long working relationship that devising works of approximately 10 seconds.

The ten years of opening to the public of the Casa da Música almost coincide with the ten years of José Pereira in the Remix Ensemble, violinist whose ideas meet the words of Aldo Salvetti.

"There was a huge progress in terms of public acceptance," said Jose Pereira, for whom "the Casa da Música is the reference to the port and the country," up until like rooms Gulbenkian, in Lisbon.

Still, José Pereira recognizes that elements of groups like the Remix "evade a lot", even without having the "best contractual conditions", recalling one of his "struggles", which is what the opposes to green receipts.

Over these 10 years, the Casa da Música received 4,538,180 visitors, 408,860 organized guided tours, hosted 2,083,065 spectators and participants, held concerts and made 2,358 13,330 cultural activities.

Key dates in the process of construction and development of the House of music:


November 07 â€" is presented the official candidacy of the port the European Capital of culture in 2001.


-May 28 â€" The European Union culture ministers designate the port and Rotterdam as European capitals of culture for the year 2001.

-September 01 â€" the Minister of culture, Manuel Maria Carrilho, announces the construction of Casa da Música, Porto in 2001.

-31 December â€" consists of the society, capital exclusively public, Porto, s. a. 2001.


-30 January â€" is named Artur Santos Silva to preside over the Porto 2001.

-March 08 â€" is set to location on land municipal on praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque and started the construction process.

-July 01 â€" the Executive Committee of Porto 2001 awards the project to the proposal led by architect Rem Koolhaas.

-23 November â€" Teresa Lake succeeds Artur Santos Silva in front of Porto 2001, with pianist Pedro Burmester in the team.


-27 June â€" Rui Amaral replaces Teresa Lake in Porto 2001, that in this same year the matter to designate Casa da Música/Porto 2001.


-18 June â€" the Jornal de Notícias (JN) publishes an interview with Pedro Burmester, in which the administrator of the Porto 2001 States that the city "is more concerned with issues (...) that reduce the port to a village "and triggers a series of reactions.

-20 June â€" the Board of Directors of Casa da Música/Porto 2001 disallows Pedro Burmester following the interview to JN.

-24 June â€" Pedro Burmester says that the conflict with the remaining directors is incurable.

-25 June â€" the Culture Ministry dismisses the directors of Casa da Música in block due to a "breakdown of solidarity and confidence" among its members and appoints Manuel Alves Monteiro for the Presidency of the company.

-July 05 â€" the Ministry of culture announces that Pedro Burmester will remain connected to the project House music while permanent consultant.


-February 12 â€" the directors of Casa da Música is announcing the end of the works until day 30 November.

-February 20 â€" the English Anthony Withworth-Jones is advertised as Artistic Director of the institution.

-March 15 â€" Pedro Burmester relinquishes the position of consultant.

-29 March â€" Manuel Alves Monteiro announces the opening of the House of music will take place in the first quarter of 2005.

-20 July â€" the Court of Auditors gives insufficient planning and bad budgeting the project financial skid of the Casa da Música/Porto 2001, those intended to 300.9 182.3 million euros.

-September 16 â€" Manuel Alves Monteiro resigns from the administration.

-17 September â€" António Fernando Couto dos Santos is elected new President of the Board of Directors of Casa da Música, Agostinho Branquinho and keeping Ã"scar Liberal in that organ.


-January 20 â€" the Government approves the creation of the Fundação Casa da Música, to be chaired by businessman Jose Antonio Barros.

-April 14 â€" the House of music starts officially activity with concerts of Lou Reed and the Clan, whose tickets sold out in hours after it put up for sale, a couple of weeks before.

-15 April â€" in the official inauguration, the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, criticizes the process that marked the birth of house music, considering it "not always copy", "strict" or "transparent".

-07 November â€" the Prime Minister, José Sócrates, announces the Foundation model for the House of music, with a Board of directors consisting of seven members, four representing the private sector to appoint the Board of Founders and three public naming, among whom José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, which shall preside.


-January 28 â€" Nuno Azevedo is appointed Managing Director of Casa da Música.

-February 07 â€" the pianist Pedro Burmester is invited to artistic director of the institution.


-on February 21 â€" is now defunct society Casa da Música/Porto 2001.

-23 June â€" António Jorge Pacheco, until then the programming Coordinator, is announced as the successor of Pedro Burmester in artistic direction, a position he holds currently.


-September 04 â€" the National Orchestra of Porto changes designation to the port Symphony Orchestra Casa da Musica and début in Vienna, Austria.


-March 30 â€" the former Minister Valente de Oliveira replaces Artur Santos Silva in front of the Board of Founders.

-December 18 â€" administrators of Casa da Música renounce mandates because of cuts announced by the Government to finance the institution.


-March 22 â€" the Board of founders of the Casa da Música picks new Board of Directors, which maintains two Admins of resigning, Teresa Cupertino de Miranda and Dias da Fonseca.


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