quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

Hubble makes 25 years

The 559 miles of Earth, the Hubble has fulfilled a promise to allow the observation of the universe without the interference of Earth's atmosphere, eventually revolutionize the Astrophysics with the images photographed from space.

"Scientifically, the telescope has exceeded all our expectations. The way has had an impact on culture, on how people adopted it as his telescope. Has been a success story, probably higher NASA success story, at least out of the manned space program, "says the scientist Kenneth g. Carpenter.

The Hubble photographed black holes and allowed the observation of distant galaxies and the birth and death of stars. Revealed that the Universe is expanding at a pace higher than supposed. One of the most famous images, captured by Hubble, became known as "the pillars of creation", which consists of three columns of cosmic dust, the birth of stars, in the Eagle Nebula.

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