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Illegal immigration: EU debate ways to end the killing in the Mediterranean

The European Union is debating this Thursday in Brussels, the measures that could be taken to put an end to the tragedies that have been growing throughout this year in the Mediterranean Sea caused by excessive illegal migration towards Europe.

This is an extraordinary Summit, in which it is present the Portuguese Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, alongside, for example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi, responsible for realization of this special meeting of European leaders. The request was made after the sinking Saturday night, which involved a cargo ship of Portuguese flag and, in which, more than 800 people have died.

#migrationeu: in both short & long-term, we are working towards a European Agenda on Migration (for mid-May) #EUCO

The "28" are examining the whole issue of illegal migration to Europe, which has been directly affect countries such as Italy, Greece or to Romania. One of the points deserve special attention will, of course, the lucrative business of trafficking networks that manage the dangerous sea crossings without respect for human lives.

At the entrance to the meeting, Merkel said that they are concerned the values and the credibility of Europe. "This is a topic of enormous importance for the saving of human lives," stressed the Chancellor.

This year alone, are already more than 1700 people who died trying to reach Europe by sea from North Africa or the Middle East. Over the past year, about 170 thousand people have tried to cross the Mediterranean, of which more than 3200 died at sea.

Amnesty International calls for more action and fewer words to the European Union.

Political will is the only thing missing to stop deaths already in the Mediterranean

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