sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Italy: 304 More migrants rescued from the Mediterranean waters

The Italian authorities rescued 304 more migrants from Libya, this Thursday.

Two hundred and twenty were saved by a ship of the Fiscal guard about 40 miles off the coast of Libya, when the two boats which were carrying were adrift.

The other 84 were rescued by a Coast Guard vessel about 64 miles from the coast Libya just before the boat they were traveling capsized.

According to a calculation of the Italian authorities, until next September will reach an average of 5,000 migrants per week to the Italian coast.

The same sources report that about 81 thousand people, among them 13 thousand unaccompanied minors, are being watched by Italy.

According to a note by the International Organization for Migration advanced on Tuesday, more than 1,750 migrants lost their lives in the Mediterranean this year, i.e. 30 times more than in the same period in 2014.

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