terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2015

Pope Francisco assigns positions to Cardinal Manuel Clement

The Pope, who today revealed the distribution of responsibilities the Cardinals sworn to on February 14, named the Cape Verdean Cardinal and Bishop of Santiago, Arlindo Gomes Furtado, as a member of the Council Cor Unum, the Vatican body responsible for getting the help of the Catholic Church to emergency situations abroad.

The congregations and councils, which form the Roman Curia, are the equivalent of ministries and secretariats of State and therefore direct participation in Government of the Catholic Church.

Vatican: Pope appoints d. Manuel Clemente as a member of the Congregation for the clergy http://t.co/QDkqUeJ5xf

The Congregation for the clergy oversees worldwide everything that relates to the clergy and parishes, promoting a more adequate distribution of priests.

Take care also of the religious formation of the faithful and has competence in respect of the conservation and administration of ecclesiastical goods and may also approve fees and licenses for legal transactions referred to by the Church.

Manuel Clement, of 66 years, was appointed Patriarch of Lisbon by Pope Francisco May 18, 2013, after the resignation of Cardinal José Policarpo, however late in March 2014.

He was elected as President of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference and re-elected in April 2014 for three years.

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