sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015

A humble House called "10 Downing Street"

There aren't many buildings in the world that are immediately recognized internationally by the number. But this "10" is synonymous with power. In fact, it is the county seat of one of the most powerful Governments on the planet. That's where lives a Prime Minister and through which all major decisions concerning the subjects of his Majesty. We speak, of course, the number 10 situated on Downing Street in London.

Despite all the symbolism that this place closes, the truth is that it is a very discreet place, in the middle of a street of relatively peaceful appearance. If we compare it with the residences of other world leaders, the least we can say is that this does not stand out. Take the example of a White House, an Élysée Palace or even Bethlehem â€" that is, it was not clearly meant as a means of asserting authority.

But how does this building, whose interior is much larger than the façade let me guess, reached the stature of a world symbol? It became the official residence of the Prime Ministers in 1735, when King George III offered for services rendered to the nation to Sir Robert Walpole, the first Lord of the Treasury. Previously, this street was already home to several dignitaries.

Sir George Downing, a diplomat known for being unscrupulous in real estate deals that did, bought the properties in the area. Asked the architect Sir Christopher Wren to draw houses that still today find themselves on both sides of the street. However, to maximize profits, the construction was done quickly and with cheap materials on the swampy ground, contrasting with the elegance and robustness that dominated the neighborhood.

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