domingo, 17 de maio de 2015

Attacks of Boston: Tsarnaev sentenced to death

The Defense tried in vain to plead extenuating circumstances, such as the influence of the older brother, Tamerlan, who died four days after the attacks.

But the jury doesn't condescend to a defendant who has not shown any remorse.

"Don't be fooled. The defendant intended to act on behalf of all Muslims. It wasn't a religious crime and certainly does not reflect the true Muslim beliefs. It was a political crime designed to intimidate and coerce the United States, "said Carmen Ortiz, the u.s. Attorney in Massachusetts.

The April 8, the same jury had declared the young American of Chechen ancestry guilty of 30 counts, including the placing of bombs and the fatal baleamento of a police officer.

The attacks of Boston â€" the bloodiest in the United States since the September 11 â€" did 3 dead, including a child of 8 years, and 264 wounded.

The jury had the option of convicting Tsarnaev to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. Chose the second option.

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