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Azerbaijan: fire in residential building makes 14 dead

One of the deaths was that of a person who jumped from the burning building. The official report also highlights about 50 wounded, most of them for smoke inhalation. None of the injured, ensuring the Ministry of health, his life is in danger.

At least 15 killed in a fire that ripped through a 16-story apartment building in Baku http://t.co/RHIGNwQ0to pic.twitter.com/yNAZwsUDZ7

The flames will have, however, been controlled by firefighters, leaving only three brigades on the scene to the aftermath, to possible combat reacendimentos and verification of the apartments one by one.

The Attorney General's Office, the Ministry of emergency situations and the Ministry of Interior of Azerbaijan issued a joint communiqué explaining that the fire started (...) around local 11:0 (07:00 in the morning, in Lisbon) "and that" thanks to operational measures, 27 residents in the building were evacuated and rescued 37. "

General Prosector Office, Emergency Situations Ministry and Interior Ministry issue joint statement on resi... http://t.co/ro8rFbIC2b

Around 2:0 pm (10:0, in Lisbon), the fire was located and the neighboring buildings were protected. According to the preliminary reports, the fire spread from the front for the entire building in a short period of time, killing 14 people and forcing 26 being hospitalized, diagnosed with burns and smoke inhalation.

The Serious Crimes Investigation Department, working under the orders of the Attorney General, opened several criminal proceedings. A special team of investigators was created, advances the APA, under the direct control of Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani President signs an order to establish State Commission for investigating causes of multi-storey bu... http://t.co/aXBwzTsDVR

Miryusif Mahmudov, the Director of Global Constructions, the construction company responsible for the façade of the building, was detained under suspicion of having been responsible for the company's decision to use in coating materials of poor quality.

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