domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

Elections in Spain: civic movements closer to the power

The movement 15 m, which four years ago emerged as a spontaneous protest, gave birth to new parties as the "We" of Pablo Iglesias or the "Citizens" of Albert Rivera

In this new political landscape, the surveys promise big disappointments for the Socialist Party and the Popular Party, which have alternated in Government for the past 30 years.

With the first protest at the gates of the Sun seven days before municipal and regional elections of 2011, the 15 m brought citizens into the streets to demand transparency and new mechanisms that regenerating democracy and redeem them at will and decision of the citizens of a more direct way. The legacy of this movement is visible today and everything indicates that it might gain real influence on Spanish political scene.

Civic movements, which created the solidarity initiatives in recent years in neighborhoods, fought thousands of evictions and fostered debate on the crisis, education and health, are sure to deal, in the Sunday ballot, in Asturias the Valencia in 8000 municipalities.

In Barcelona, the polls give the first place in the municipal citizen platform "Barcelona in Comú", led by the activist struggle against evictions Ada Colau.

The journey of reflection, on the eve of the municipal and regional elections (13 of 17 regions except Catalonia, Andalúzia, Basque country and Galicia) is particularly important because there are still between 30 and 45% of undecided, which can determine the beginning of the end of the power of the Partido Popular in numerous European municipalities and regions of Spain.

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