quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

Kathmandu trembles with fear of a new earthquake

The capital of Nepal remains a risk area, more than two weeks after the deadly earthquake of April and the violent aftershock from Tuesday.

Thousands of residents have returned, tonight, to sleep outside for fear of return to their homes, when more than a million residents have left the area of the Valley of Kathmandu.

Housed in camps of fortune, the inhabitants are still waiting for water and food, whose distribution was affected by new replicas of recent days.

"The authorities have organized a few things but are not sufficient. They gave us some foods that have been cooked and eaten. We need more help, "said one refugee.

The violent aftershock of Tuesday caused more 91 dead and about 2500 wounded, forcing the authorities to return to rescue operations.

At least 12 people were recovered alive from the rubble in the last hours in the locality of Chatara, in the Northwest of the country.

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