segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Nepal: Bureaucracy and lack of funds delays arrival of humanitarian aid

The balance of victims is approaching the 7 thousand dead and more than 14 thousand wounded, when more than 160 thousand homes were devastated by the earthquake of magnitude 7.8.

After the capital, local authorities and humanitarian organizations are trying to do now to get shelter, food and drinking water to areas more indented in the country.

A task hindered by bureaucracy at the airport in Katmandu and the lack of trucks and drivers to distribute humanitarian aid.

For the head of the world food programme, Ert Harin:

"We haven't been able to access the majority of the most remote areas and this task must be done against the clock because of the monsoon season. If we can't reach these areas prior to the onset of the monsoon will be impossible after provide them with shelters, food and other essential goods. "

Health authorities began yesterday a vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of diseases in the areas most affected by the earthquake.

According to the who approximately 30% of hospitals in the country are out of service, while most health centres were severely damaged by the earthquake.

Unicef also warned about the risks of illness hanging over more than 15 thousand children suffering from malnutrition in the field.

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