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Radar: A Pope in basketball and a concert in a refugee camp

The Supreme Pontiff not dodged the learn some tricks with the basketball, on the occasion of the visit of the Harlem Globetrotters in St. Peter's square at the Vatican.

The team famous for sports acrobatics celebrates its 90th anniversary. In fact, it was offered to Pope Francisco a sweater with the number 90. The Foundation of the Globetrotters dates back to 20 years, at a time when racial discrimination dictated segregation of black players, which eventually lead to one of the most inventive projects in the history of the sport.

The Palestinian pianist Ayham Ahmad gave a concert in the refugee camp of Yarmouk, near Damascus, surrounded by the forces of Bashar al-Assad. The performance was transmitted via Skype, although the connection may have suffered some difficulties.

Yarmouk is controlled by Islamist militants. Ahmad used a mere keyboard, once the combatants of the Islamic State have destroyed your piano.

A veteran of World War II, expressed in a video the pain and pride by made of his grandson, dead at 23 years in combat against the rebels in the East of Ukraine. There is much that the former soldier Ivan Zaluzhny dreamed of celebrating with his grandson the 70th anniversary of the end of the world war ended in 1945. The video is a poignant statement about the fight for the fatherland.

It may seem just another story about the pink press, but the entire Germany is mobilizing to accompany the Feuilleton of the supposed divorce from Christian Wulff ... that won't happen. The former German President (CDU) resumed the marriage with Bettina Wullf, who left after this have been accused of corruption and forced to abandon the leadership of the State in 2012.

Bettina has filed for divorce and wrote a memoir much lampooned in the German press. However, Christian Wullf was cleared of the charges in February 2014. And Bettina will be reconsidered. Twitter followed the case closely.

at least Bettina #Wulff resumes the work. #gdlstreik #kitastreik #Weselsky #Streik

Extracts from the book by Bettina Wulff

Exactly the right day to tell that we read every day before a set from this book at time online. <a href="">#Wulff</a> <a href=""></a><p>-Steffi-Dobmeier (sdobmeier) 6 may 2015

The city of Larnaca has developed a system that allows you to book over the Internet the lounge chairs and beach chairs that will be used during the summer. The measure is intended to help stimulate the local tourist sector.

Starting in June, the beaches of Larnaca will no longer depend on private operators. Comissioned 2500 sun loungers and umbrellas, 1200 worth of 400 thousand euros, which shall bear the symbol Hall. The cost per seat is $ 2.50. The municipality predicts a return of 1 million euros, in counterpoint with the 120 thousand to pay concessions.

The German supermarket chain Aldi found 386 kilos of cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas. The estimated value is about 15 million euros. The shipment was distributed in 13 shops in Berlin, in what the authorities considered to be a "mistake of logistics on the route".

Last year, were found more than 200 pounds of cocaine into 7 Portuguese German chain Lidl supermarkets.

In Berlin, 380 kilos of cocaine in banana crates at Aldi were discovered. And the network as: LOL!

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