sábado, 13 de junho de 2015

Child labour holds the misery 168 million children

Of the 168 boys and working girls or slaves, 78 million live in Asia-Pacific, namely 9.3% of children in the region. In sub-Saharan Africa are 59 million, 21% of children are workers. In Latin America are 13 million, 8.8%. In the Middle East and North Africa 9.2 million children work, 8.4%.

In India, are well known the slums and the children of the bins. In New Delhi, moving in bad trash give the first steps, living at risk, the collection from scratch, one of the most dangerous activities in the world, limiting their growth and causes health problems garves.

I'd like to go to school. My hands get injured and I stink. But I have to help their parents.

The family has no choice:

-I can only govern the House if my three daughters work for me. If they don't work, there's no way to feed his family, his wife and children. All together we make 7 euros per day (400/500 rupees).

The Indian Government wants to allow the work of minors of 14 after school to help their families or working in their parents ' business.

According to ILO, access to education is crucial to fight against this plague, as well as the quality of education. The India evolves very little in the right direction.

The UN Organization recommends the establishment of more professional training programs, worldwide, for the 75 million young people between 15 and 24 years without a job.

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