domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

France: bombing suspect was investigated by Islamist groups relationships

The French police are investigating the circumstances of the attack against a chemical plant that provoked yesterday one dead and two injured in the southeast of the country.

The primary focus of action, a man of 35 years, investigated in the past for alleged radical Islamic movements relations, is arrested, accused of provoking an explosion at the premises owned by a u.s. company.

According to the Mayor of the locality where the suspect lived, on the outskirts of Lyon, "the family of the suspect apparently did not have a bad reputation with the public body or even police services".

A neighbor says, "was a kind person that doesn't upset anyone, who worked for his family, a low-key person. Never had any problems with him. "

Yassin Salhi is also suspected to have beheaded a man, whose head was found at the plant, surrounded by symbols and inscriptions associated with the Group Islamic State.

The victim would be the boss of the alleged attacker, a courier in a transport company who lived for six months in a suburb of the city of Lyon.

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