quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015

Iran buries 270 martyrs of the war with Iraq of more than 30 years

The way these corpses were discovered in a common grave divers â€" some handcuffed â€" raised evidence of being buried alive.

Iran buries 175 military divers killed in 1980s Iraq war http://t.co/OYTNVEvl9x

Bodies of 175 Iranian divers who’d been captured by Saddam and buried alive have been found.#NoWar #iraniraqwar pic.twitter.com/un2cAagDjn

#Photos: Funeral procession 4 #Iran-ian soldiers killed in Iraq war held in Tehran#پیامی_آورده_اند #غواص #دست بسته pic.twitter.com/nSM0H4PCkX

2. The Liberation of #Khorramshahr on May 24, 1982 during the Iranâ€"Iraq War. By A.G. Ziaee #iraniraqwar آزادی #خرمشهر pic.twitter.com/vPUTm21wT2

Official figures estimate that remains unaccounted for about 8000 of Iranians almost three decades after the end of a war between Iran and Iraq which still pours a lot of tears.

A collection of posters in memorial of #175 martyr divers


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