domingo, 26 de julho de 2015

Barack Obama visits Kenya

The u.s. President was received by his half sister, Auma Obama, and dined with the extended Kenyan family.

The Bureau hasn't missed the woman who helped create and to whom the President calls "Granny" or "Mama Sarah".

This is the first visit of Barack Obama, to Kenya, since assuming the Presidency in 2009.

On Saturday, the American ruler will participate in the world of entrepreneurship summit in Nairobi and meet with Uhuru Kenyatta to address economic issues, security, and respect for human rights.

On the route between the airport and the hotel, hundreds of people took to the streets to welcome the visitor.

"He is the first African-American President. This was predicted by Martin Luther King, and the "dream" came true... "says a Kenyan.

Another says that they're all "eager for political statements that Obama is going to do, whether the Government of the United States will support more Kenya in the fight against terrorism."

"Maybe he solve the issue of visas to facilitate visits to America because it is very difficult to go there," says this man.

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