segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

Greece: Athens awaits news from Brussels

In the streets, everyone has an opinion about the crisis and on Greek debt, even the tourists: "I think the loss of confidence on the part of the German Government and other European partners is too large, which means that the process will take longer. They won't say: "Yes" immediately. I think this situation will extend till next week, "says Henry Littig, a German tourist.

The historian Kostas Stamatopoulos presents his point of view: "I can't say I'm optimistic, but I believe that we will reach a conclusion. There's an old saying that went out to buy hair and came with the shaved head, effectively is what's going to happen. We have only been able to overwhelm people with worse measures, than those with which we would have to agree. But it is clear that any agreement is better than none. "

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