segunda-feira, 6 de julho de 2015

Pope in the three poorest countries of Latin America

Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay: Pope Francisco started a trip by three of Latin America's poorest countries. He is the first Pope to come in the region.

In the capital of Ecuador, Quito, is all set to receive the Pope. Ecuadorians hope that the visit will serve to forget, at least for a few days, the political divisions of the country.

"It's very good for the country. It is a great privilege for all Christians and for the faith that all Ecuadorians have. The Pope's visit is a blessing, "says a faithful. Other Ecuadorian adds: "I hope the Pope's visit bring unity to Ecuador and make us forget the political conflicts".

While the Pope let Europe under a severe heat wave, in Bolivia is the snow that will receive. The authorities began making safety drills so that everything runs smoothly.

The Latin America remains the region most Catholic of the globe, but the popularity of the Church is down: almost 90% of the population have or have had Catholic education, but practitioners are 69%.

VIDEO: Pope departs Rome for nine-day visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay:

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