sábado, 4 de julho de 2015

Tunisia pays tribute to victims of terrorism, United Kingdom observes minute of silence

The Tunisia organized a repast in Ecumenical tribute to 38 victims of the bombing on the beach in Sousse, on Friday, and at 22 the attack on Bardo Museum in March. The meal Thursday joined Muslims, Jews and Christians, and was served at sunset, as the tradition during the month of Ramadan. A thousand people participated in the event.

For the most important cleric of Tunisia the repast "symbolizes the victory of the country about terrorism". For the mufti Hamda Said, "this is a Union of efforts to save the Tunisia and an effort to unite the religions and save the world."

The Christian and Jewish communities in the country do not feel threatened. The terrorists aimed at tourism, the country's economic lung.

Among those present were several relatives of the victims of the attacks.

"I feel a great sadness and resignation and appreciate the demonstrations of affection we received here in Tunes in tribute to my parents and the other murder victims that day," said the son of two victims of the attack on the Bardo Museum.

In last week's bombing, in addition to the victim, were killed one Russian, one Belgian, two Germans, three Irish and British 30. This Friday the flags are at half-mast in the United Kingdom and the country observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims.

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